Bio Fuel Fireplaces

New and completely Green

  • Free Shipping for most. No Sales Tax except CA and WA
  • 40% more efficient than wood.
  • No smoke or airborne particles released.
  • No maintenance whatsoever.
  • No installation, chimney, or venting.

Bio Fuel fireplaces are ideal for smaller spaces, wall-mounting, or for those who require portability. And they provide a fair amount of heat, to boot. For people with allergies, bio-fuel is a boon, as no smoke or airborne particles are released.

Biofuel a widely used renewable fuel, produced from agricultural crops, that does not pose hazards to the environment. It is 40% more efficient than wood; a liter can burn for two to five hours, and produces no smoke or unpleasant odor, just a little steam and a tiny bit of CO2, but so little as not to contribute to greenhouse gasses. Biofuel is not messy. Biofuel fireplaces require no maintenance or clean-out of ashes or dirt.

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