Heath 12 Room Cedar Bird House

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  • Natural Wood Finish.
  • Crafted with 3/4 thick lumber and masonite room dividers and floors.
  • Dimensions: 18" W x 19" H x 17" D
  • Weight: 25 lbs.

Give the birds of your yard a traditional cabin with your Cedar Martin 12 Room Birdhouse. Crafted with 3/4 thick lumber and Masonite room dividers and floors. Roof room dividers and floors lift out for easy cleaning. Mounting plate included.

Heath Manufacturing is an industry leader of skillfully crafted Bird House Condo Units. Designed with both Artistry and Functionality in mind. With over 50 years in America's Backyard, Heath Outdoor Products has both the experience and expertise in offering quality products to add value to your home and yard.

Purchasing Considerations

There are lots of bird houses that are unsuitable for the birds. it is possible that they may not attract birds of any type, or that they may actually be harmful. The checklist below will help you make a good decision.

Features of a Suitable Bird House:

  • No Perch
    Trees in the forest have no perches and the birds that use nest boxes do not need them. Indeed perches may attract House Sparrows. House Sparrows are invasive and may commandeer nests from other hole-nesting native birds.
  • Hole Size
    A 1-1/2 inch hole is suitable for most common hole-nesting birds. This size keeps out Starlings, another invasive species that take over nest boxes from native species.
  • Interior Size
    The interior size of the bird house is important and should be at least 4 inches x 4 inches so that there's enough space for the young to develop.
  • Height
    To protect the babies, there should be at least 5 inches from the bottom of the entrance hole to the floor of the bird house. This will keep predators away from the young developing birds.
  • Getting Inside
    The ability to open the bird house is imperative. By opening the bird house you can monitor the progress and the health of the young, and at the end of the season, you can clean out the bird house.
  • Air Circulation
    To let hot air out of the house, there must be holes or slits at or near the top of the box - at the sides or at the front or rear.
  • Keeping the Bird House Dry
    Holes should be present in the bottom of the box to allow water to drain easily. These are usually at the corners.
  • A Way to Attach the House
    Just make sure there is some way to attach the Bird House to a pole.
  • Wood?
    Make certain that the Bird House is made of thick wood or a similar material which has insulating properties - to keep the birds protected from heat and cold. Purple Martin houses can be made of metal.
  • Eaves
    The roof of the Bird House should overhang the entrance hole by at least an inch, preferably more. This provides shade and keeps the rain out.