Nickel Plated Leg & Wing Rack

by Bayou Classic - Seattle Luxe is an authorized dealer.

Product #5215

Sorry, this item has been discontinued.

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  • 8 Racks per carton
  • Holds 12 Chicken legs or Wings
With the Nickel-Plated Leg & Wing Rack from Bayou Classic your food is vertically suspended inside the grill or oven. Your food will never need turning and it takes up minimal grill space.

Bayou Classic continues to be the industry leader in outdoor cooking equipment such as turkey fryers, stainless steel stockpots, cast iron cookware, and aluminum stockpots. They look to continue this tradition with the introduction of new products Such as the Cypress Series Ceramic Grill, and the Bayou Fryer.

Bayou Classic has built has built its reputation off of quality products and exceptional customer service for both consumers and distributors of their products. They strive daily to be innovative and efficient to ensure you receive a quality cost-effective product, and that no belly be left hungry!